Intelligent Fairway

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Testbed status: 
Point of Contact: 
Jorma Timonen
Location of testbed: 
Finland, south coast and west coast
01/2017 to 12/2018
Executive summary: 

Bathymetric models of the seabed will be combined with information (current status & forecast) about e.g. sea level, wave height and currents visualised on screen of ECS.

Funding program: 
FTA’s funding, 1 M€/ 24 months
Testbed users: 
Shipboard users
Shore‐based users
SAR users
Details of e‐navigation gap/s considered for the testbed: 
  • Information/data management
  • Effective and robust voice communication and data transfer
  • Systems and equipment
  • Ship reporting - IALA Guideline 1107 – Planning and reporting of e-Navigation Testbeds Edition 2.0 June 2016 P 10
  • Traffic monitoring;
  • Training and familiarization
Organisation(s) involved: 
Finnish Transport Agency
Details of e-navigation solutions considered: 
S1: Improved, harmonized and user‐friendly bridge design
S2: Means for standardized and automated reporting
S3: Improved reliability, resilience and integrity of bridge equipment and navigation information
S4: Integration and presentation of available information in graphical displays received via communication equipment
S5: Improved Communication of VTS Service Portfolio
Methodology used for data collection: 
  • Bathymetric models are based on IHO S-102 product specification and will be created based on Finnish Hydrographic Office’s dense survey data. Environmental data is collected by sensors operated by Finnish Transport Agency’s partners (both companies and Finnish Meteorological Institute).
  • Bathymetric models are validated during production process. Environmental data is validated by partners before releasing data to interface.
  • Reliability of the data is controlled by its producer.
Summary information on testbed respondents / participants: 
  • Number of participants is to be decided.
  • Participants are to be decided but most likely they will be experienced mariners and pilots.
  • Experience: see previous line.
  • Demographics (e.g. age, gender): not decided yet.
Procedure used in the testbed: 
  • Testbed setup: testbed will be customised ECS software which has been tailored to display S-102 and combine other data into it. IALA Guideline 1107 – Planning and reporting of e-Navigation Testbeds Edition 2.0 June 2016 P 11
  • Technical solutions used: to be decided.
  • Standards: IHO S-102.
The category of e‐navigation gap/s considered: 
The category of e‐navigation solution/s considered: 
Testbed subject: