CCR documents

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Along the Rhine (Europe) CCR (Central Commision for navigation or the Rhine) is the body issuing regulations.

The official website of the CCR is

Relevant documents are

  • Vessel Tracking and Tracing Standard Edition 1.2
  • Technical clarifications
    on Vessel Tracking and Tracing Standard for Inland Navigation, Edition 1.2 
  • Test Standard for Inland AIS Edition 2.0 (October 2012, the CCNR Police Regulations Committee has adopted the Edition 2.0 of the Standard. At the same time, the Committee has decided that the Test Standard enters into force with the publication of the revised standard IEC 61993-2, Edition 2. The publication took place on 19th of October. From this date on the type approval procedures for Inland AIS equipment provided for in Paragraph 7.06 (3) Rhine Vessel Inspection Regulations must be performed on the basis of Edition 2.0 of the Test Standard. Inland AIS equipment with a type approval according to Edition 1.0 and 1.01 of the Test Standard may be installed on vessels until 30 November 2015 and continue to be used after that date.)
  • Approved Inland AIS Equipment
  • Inland AIS equipment approved on the basis of equivalent type approvals
  • ES-RIS 2023