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Testbed status: 
Point of Contact: 
Location of testbed: 
The Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland – the Neva River – Lake Ladoga – the Svir River
01/2016 to 12/2020
Executive summary: 

Improving the safety of navigation, efficiency of navigation and environmental protection through the implementation of e-Navigation technologies on ship, shore and pilot segments.

Details of e‐navigation gap/s considered for the testbed: 

Information/data management o Effective and robust voice communication and data transfer o Systems and equipment o Ship reporting o Traffic monitoring; and/or o Training and familiarization

Organisation(s) involved: 
Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
Kronstadt Group
Federal Maritime and River Transport Agency
North-Western Basin Branch FSUE “Rosmorport
Basin administration “Volgo-Balt
Testbed subject: