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The Control message shall be sent from by the competent authority from shore only to allow or forbid the broadcasting of ASMs by vessels navigating on  territories under their jurisdiction.

Additional Information / usage notes:

  • Each ASM from ship in this inventory has a default “on” or “off” value. This value regulates whether that message shall be broadcasted or not prior to the reception of an applicable Control Message.

  • The responsibility for initiating/withholding the broadcasting of an ASM from ship is at the external application (e.g. Inland ECDIS). ASM which are implemented in the Inland AIS station cannot be controlled by this message.

  • Each Control Message can control one specific ASM (DAC+FI). If more than on ASM has to be controlled, multiple Control Messages are needed.

  • A Control Message can only control the ASM behaviour for one country, given by the UN country code.

  • A Control Message can optionally be geographically limited to a certain river (fairway section code) or a specific fairway section, defined by start and end river-kilometre.

  • The competent authority has to define the timeout value for the Control Message. By setting the timeout value to 0 the message will never time out. That means the value is stored and will only be changed if a contrary Control Message is received.

  • The Control message can set or change the reporting rate of the controlled ASM. The reporting rate defined in the Control Message precedes any default setting given in this inventory document

  • The Control Message does not apply for responses to the Interrogation on specific IFM (IFM2) and not for responses to the Inland Capability Interrogation (DAC200/FM 3)

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