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Testbed status: 
Point of Contact: 
Prof.Bernhard Josko
01/2012 to 12/2015
Executive summary: 

Has developed new methodologies for information sharing and display on a ship’s bridge; a new Adaptive Bridge System (ABS) that will recognise, prevent and recover from human errors by increasing cooperation between all crew and machines on the bridge and.a new human-centred design methodology supporting analysis of agent interaction at early development stages

Funding program: 
EU 7th Framework
Details of e‐navigation gap/s considered for the testbed: 

Information/data management o Effective and robust voice communication and data transfer o Systems and equipment o Ship reporting o Traffic monitoring; and/or o Training and familiarization

Organisation(s) involved: 
Cardiff University
Bmt Group Limited
Marimatech As
Raytheon Anschuetz Gmbh
Symbio Concepts & Products Sprl
Mastermind Shipmanagement Limited
Testbed subject: