Bastø Fosen VI

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Testbed status: 
Executive summary: 

•    Regular passenger ferry service from Feb 2020
•    Have autonous berthing capabilities
•    Horten VTS - Vessel needs permission from the VTS center to “use the water”, e.g sail in to the area, leave port, anchor etc. The VTS centers are authorized to set terms to a permission, e.g when to depart or what route to follow, thus organizing the traffic

Vessel: Bastø Fosen VI
Vessel type: Passenger ferry 
•    Autonomous 
•    Crew

VTS involved: Horten VTS

Details of e‐navigation gap/s considered for the testbed: 

Information/data management o Effective and robust voice communication and data transfer o Systems and equipment o Ship reporting o Traffic monitoring; and/or o Training and familiarization

Testbed subject: