Weather observation report from ship

Introduction/Additional information: 

This message provides weather information observed on a ship in navigation.

Two different messages can be transmitted:
.1 Weather observation report from ship; or
.2 WMO Weather observation report from ship.

Table 10.1 outlines the parameters associated with the Weather observation report from ship message.

Table 10.2 outlines the parameters associated with the WMO Weather observation report from ship message.

The WMO Weather observation report from ship message is intended for ships which have been recruited by national meteorological services to undertake weather observations at sea in accordance with the provisions of SOLAS chapter V, regulation 5, and the World Meteorological Organization's Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) Scheme. Because national meteorological services are the intended primary users of this message it has been developed to reflect the coding principles prescribed by WMO in its Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data (BUFR), and as contained in Part B of WMO Publication No.306, (Manual Codes, Volume I.2). The parameters coded in this message are therefore not fully compatible with the recommendations set out in ITU M.1371-3.

10.4.2 The WMO Weather observation report from ship message includes all the parameters that are typically reported by voluntary observing ships, as well as additional parameters reported by ships that are recruited to the VOS Scheme to report climate quality weather observations (indicated as VOSClim parameters in the message description). The message format also accords with formats being developed for use in connection with shipboard automatic weather stations

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IMO Circ. 289
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in force
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